Add some additional ventilation and light by installing a bathroom window over your shower or bath insert, these sliders are inexpensive and will add natural light and prevent mold and mildew in your bathrooms when most windows are closed.

Secure your backyard by installing a wood fence for the family dog or a place for the children to play safely. If you are a dog-owner some insurance companies require fencing for dogs at risk, or a discount for fenced yards (depending on insurance company).

You may want to consider adding a deck to the back of the house, someplace to entertain guests, or just someplace to relax during the day.

These are Larson doors that match the trim color (for RCA folks) but come in various combinations of glass and hidden screens they can cen be installed in a few hours each and can be ordered from the Home Depot or Lowes depending on your choice of manufacturer and style.

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